Monday, March 28, 2016

KARACHI: Sun, 3 April: Sufi Mediation of the Sunni-Shi'te Divide - Dr. Syed Rizwan Zamir

Hast o Neest 
Institute of Traditional Studies & Arts KARACHI 
invites you to a discussion and question/answer session on

Sufi Mediation of the Sunni-Shi'ite Divide: Premodern Precedents, Contemporary Articulations
Dr. Syed Rizwan Zamir (Assistant Prof., Religion Department, Davidson, NC, USA)

Sunday, 3rd April 2016
7:00 pm

Karachi Venue Address: 
F-36/5, Park Lane Villas, Block 5 Clifton, Behind Karachi Grammar, Near Masjid-e-Siddiq

Dr. Syed Rizwan Zamir’s scholarly interests in Islamic studies include Shi'ite thought and spirituality, Sufi metaphysics, cosmology and psychology, transcendent theosophy of Mulla Sadra, virtue and narrative ethics within the Islamic intellectual context, varieties of Islamic mystical expressions, contemporary debates and trends in Muslim thought, and mystical and intellectual traditions of South Asian Islam. Aside from numerous encyclopedia entries and book reviews, he has written "Descartes and al-Ghazali: Doubt, Certitude and Light" (Islamic Studies, 2010) and "Tafsir al-Qur'an bi 'l Qur'an: The Hermeneutics of Imitation and Adab in Ibn 'Arabi's Interpretation of the Qur'an" (Islamic Studies, 2011), and a book chapter for The Bloomsbury Companion to Islamic Studies (ed. Clinton Bennett, 2013) that surveys the western academic study of Shi'ite Islam.  Since March 2012 he co-chairs the Study of Islam section of the American Academy of Religion, Southeast Region (SECSOR).

Directions: Coming from the Forum/Delawala towards Boat Basin, take a left before the traffic light that goes to Mai Kolachi, which is the stretch of road that lead to BBQ Tonight. Immediately after making the left, turn into the service road going towards Karachi Grammar School, take the first left between Karachi Grammar Senior Campus (brown building) and the open drain. Then take third right. Gate for F36 is 50 meters down on the left; House number 5 in this block of town houses. 

For any clarifications please call 0321 2027779. 

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