Monday, March 14, 2016

Hast o Neest Calligraphy-Khattati Certificate & Diploma Course (One Year)

Hast o Neest
Institute of Traditional Studies & Arts
Ibn Muqla Centre of Arts


Certificate Course (One Year)
Diploma Course (One Year)
Each Level: Three Months Duration 
(16 Hours per month/2 Sessions in a week) 

Level 1: حروف تہجی
Haroof-e-Tahaji of a selected script
Mashq/Principles/Proportional Structure
Introduction to Master Calligraphers
Exhibition Haroofiat

Level II: I مرکبات
Joining Letters (Set 1 of Selected Script)
Exhibition Murakabat

Level III: II مرکبات
Joining Letters (Set II of Selected Script)
Exhibition Murakabat

Level IV: سطر بندی
Sentences (Quranic Verses/Ahadith/Sayings)

Level V:  خط شناسی - قطعہ سازی
Composition/Comparative Study
Khat Shanaasi/Qitta Saazi
Final Exhibition: 10 Composition Art Pieces 

Teacher: Ustad Irfan Ahmed Qureshi
Days: Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays
(Option of once a week class)

REGISTER: Send in Title, Name, Cell Number & Email Address on 213 0346 - All age groups are encouraged to enroll. Enrollment can be undertaken at any time.

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