Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wed 7 December: 5:30 pm (1) The Spirit of Jihad - Dr. Ejaz Akram & (2) The Hidden Art of Islam - BBC

Lahore Hast o Neest Institute of Traditional Studies & Arts
Rabi ul Awal Recorded Lectures & Documentaries 2016

Wednesday 7 December: 
Topic: Prophet S.A.W. & The Battle of Hunayn: The Concept & Spirit of Jihad 
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
(Taimoor Khan Mumtaz will take questions on the lectures & the documentaries)

(1) The Prophet (S.A.W.) & The Battle of Hunayn (Urdu & English) - On The Concept & Spirit of Jihad
5:30 - 6:30 pm
Dr. Mufti Ghulam Sarwar Qadri (Late) (Jamia Rizvia Lahore) (Urdu) 
Dr. Ejaz Akram (Associate Professor, LUMS) (English)

(2) 6:40 pm: BBC Documentaries on Islamic Art: (1) Paradise Found "The Atmosphere of Paradise" (Excerpt only) & (2) "The Hidden Art of Islam" (Full Documentary 58 minutes) 

At the British Museum, a collection of artefacts from the Muslim world is on show, which tells the history of a journey to Mecca always forbidden to non-Muslims.

In this documentary, Rageh Omaar sets out to find out that if human depiction is the source of such controversy, how is it that the art displayed here shows a tradition of figurative art at the heart of Islam for century after century? He explores what forms of art are acceptable for a Muslim - and why this artistic tradition has thrived - in the hidden art of the muslim world.

Venue: Hastoneest Lahore, 3, Iftikhar Ahmed Malik Road, Shariff Colony, Canal Park, Gulberg II - Lahore; Queries: hast.o.neest@gmail.com/0300849317

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