Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Karachi Hastoneest: Mon 12 Dec: Presentation & Discussion on Biography-Sirah of the Prophet by Martin Lings

Karachi Hast o Neest Institute of Traditional Studies & Arts
Sittings & Gatherings of Rabi ul Awal 2016

Reading & discussing select passages:
Martin Lings’ biography of Muhammad (s.a.w.)- an internationally acclaimed, comprehensive, and authoritative account of the life of the prophet. Based on the sira, the eighth- and ninth-century Arabic biographies that recount numerous events in the prophet’s life, it contains original English translations of many important passages that reveal the words of men and women who heard Muhammad speak and witnessed the events of his life.

with Riaz Kamlani

The book has been published in 12 languages and has received numerous awards, including acknowledgment as best biography of the prophet in English at the National Seerate Conference in Islamabad.

Monday, 12 December at 12 noon.
Venue: Lyceum, 78 Clifton, Karachi


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