Friday, September 27, 2013

Seminar on Epistemology - 7th to 9th October

Institute of Traditional Studies & Arts
Ibn al Arabi Centre of Philosophy & Metaphysics

Seminar on Epistemology

Monday, 7th to Wednesday, 9th October
5:00 - to 8:30 pm

Hamid Raza Fazil & Taimoor Khan Mumtaz

Muslim philosophers agree that knowledge is possible. Knowledge is the intellect’s grasp of the immaterial forms, the pure essences or universals that constitute the natures of things, and human happiness is achieved only through the intellect’s grasp of such universals….’ 
                                                     (SHAMS C. INATI, Copyright © 1998, Routledge.) 

Day 1
i) What is Epistemology?
ii) Epistemology - its Epochs: Greek, Middle Ages, Modern

Day 2
i) Epistemology in Islamic Philosophy
ii) On the Possibility of Knowledge - On Doubt & Certainty

Day 3 
i) On Types of Knowledge - Rational (Hasuli) & Supra-rational (Huzuri 
ii) Sense-perception vs Intelligence - Positivism, Rationalism & Islamic Philosophy

Hast-o-Neest Institute of Traditional Studies & Arts
31 G, Gulberg II, Lahore

(Hamid Reza Fazil shb is a regular teacher at Hast-o-Neest 
and PhD candidate in Islamic Philosophy & Metaphysics - Taimoor Khan Mumtaz is a student of Dr. Martin Lings and a practicing architect specialising in Islamic Architecture) 

This is the first of a series of 
two Seminars planned for October 2013

Seminar 01: ‘Epistemology in Islamic Philosophy‘ 
Semianr 02: 'God, World & Man in Islamic Metaphysics'

The first seminar will introduce participants to the theory of knowledge in Islamic Philosophy ...The seminar will be conducted in Urdu and English. Lectures will be accompanied with handouts and corresponding readings with a comprehensive question and answer session to ease the understanding of the subject.


Kindly register by 6th October by sending in name, email address and contact number on 0300 847 1855 or on email or Register Online.
Seminar Fee: Rs. 3000/person
Certificates of participation will be awarded to registered participants.
Reading Link – Seminar on Epistemology: Epistemology in Islamic Philosophy

Queries: 0300 847 1855/

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