Friday, September 27, 2013

"Arab Yār Tori Basant Manāī!"

Institute of Traditional Studies & Arts
invites you a poetry and prose reading in tribute to 
Hazrat Abul Hassan Amir Khusru Dehlvi Chishti Nizami r.a.

“Arab Yār Tori Basant Manāī!”
“We celebrate Spring for you, O Arab friend!”
– Amir Khusro’s greetings in Hindi to Nizamuddin Auliya
on the occasion of   Basant – the festival of Spring – as
 recorded in the first-hand account, Nizami Bansari

Taimoor Khan Mumtaz
 Fatima Fayyaz

Sunday, 29th September 2013

6:30 pm

TAIMOOR KHAN MUMTAZ is a practising architect working at Kamil Khan Mumtaz
Architects. He specialises in Islamic Architecture – its philosophy, principles and
methods – and is also the founding director of ‘Hast-o-Neest Institute of Traditional
Studies & Arta.

FATIMA FAYYAZ studied the Farsi language at Oriental College, Punjab University 
and at Khana e Farhang in Lahore. She is currently sitting for her Masters in Farsi Literature 
and teaches Farsi at Hast-o-Neest.

 Queries: 0300 847 1855

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