Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sunday 25 September: Hastoneest-LMF with Ashraf Sharif Khan Poonchwala in Concert

Hastoneest-LMF Open Invitation to 
with Lahore Music Forum LMF

Ashraf Sharif Khan Poonchwala
Sitarnawaz in Concert
Sunday, 25 September 2016
7:00 pm

Ashraf Sharif Khan is the third son of the Asian sitar master Ustad Muhammad Sharif Khan Poonchwala. An acknowledged prodigy since the age of eleven, he inherits a musical tradition handed down from father to son, from ustad to talib, over hundreds of years -- since the founding of the "saini gharana" school in the time of the Moghul Emperors of South Asia.
Ashraf's music combines an astounding technical proficiency with an accomplished artist's striving for perfection in musical expression. The melodic beauty of his style, accentuated by his dynamic rhythmic development and virtuoso technique provide an unforgettable musical experience for longtime aficionados of South Asian music and for newcomers alike. His music transcends regional boundaries, and is accessible to all. It is universal in scope. (

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