Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June 16, 17 & 19: 9:00 pm: Do you think about what you are saying? 3 Common Mistakes in Thinking - Danish Bashir

Hast o Neest 
Institute of Traditional Studies & Arts
Ramazan Karim Open/Walk-in Programmes - June 2016
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 فلسفہ آشنأی

عام فکری مغالطے 
: ۳ دن نشست 
 3 Common Mistakes in Thinking 

with Danish Bashir
Thursday, Friday & Sunday, June 16th, 17th & Sunday 19th
9:00 pm

In general public discussions we make lots of common mistakes within our thinking patterns. Most of them are those ideas which we do not believe but we express them because of different reasons.
In these three days, we will discuss three such common mistakes.

1.     What does it mean to say ‘morality is relative’ within person to person? 
Or Art is determined by the Artist. There is no rule for an artist upon which we should bound art.

2.     What does it mean to say everyone has their own version of Truth, or there is no universal truth? 
What is the difference between truth and a relative version of truth.

3.     What is epistemological common sense
Or what does it mean epistemologically when we say it is ‘common sense yaar!’

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(Danish is a philosophy graduate of FC College, and teaches Sacred Geometry at Hast o Neest)

Venue: Hast o Neest, 3, Iftikhar Ahmed Malik Road, Shariff Colony, 
Canal Park, Gulberg II, Lahore

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