Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Study Circle - Mathnavi of Maulana Rumi - 6pm Thursday 4th December 2014

A traditional study-circle on selections from 
the Mathnavi of Jalaluddin Rumi 
(alternate Thursdays) 

Maulana M. Shahzad Mujaddidi

Inaugural Sitting
Thursday, 4th December 2014
Opening lines of the Mathnavi:

Listen to this reed how it complains:
it is telling a tale of separations.

Saying, "Ever since I was parted from the reed-bed,
man and woman have moaned in (unison with) my lament
Translation by Nicholson, 1926

Maulana Shahzad Mujaddidi is a Naqshbandi Mujadidi scholar and the founder of Darulikhlas, a publication house on religious texts. He is also a host of many television shows.

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