Monday, July 14, 2014

5-Day Workshop: Introduction to the World of Miniature Painting

Institute of Traditional Studies & Arts
5-Day Workshop Summer Study Programme

Introduction to 
The World of Miniature Painting

Fyza Aamir
 & Murad Khan Mumtaz

Friday, 18th – Wednesday, 23rd July 2014
(Class will not be held on Sunday 20 July)

4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

The world of Miniature Art is essentially form. Any art cannot be called ' traditional ' or 'Islamic ' on the grounds that it's subjects originate in a spiritual truth ; it's formal language must bear witness to a similiar origin.

Every traditional art is founded on a science of forms, on the symbolism inherent in the forms. A symbol is not merely a conventional sign. As Titus Burkckhardt clearly defines it , a symbol manifests an archetype by virtue of a definite ontological law. It is this 'formal language ' within the world of miniature painting which we will explore in this course.

5-Day Schedule:
- Introduction to the Illustrated Manuscript & the Art of the Book
- Introduction to the Schools of Miniature Painting
-Presentation on the Lahore Museum Miniature Paintings
- Practical: Pencil Assignment & Simple Composition with Qalam & Wasli

Fyza Aamir 
has a BFA in Miniature Painting, National College of Arts, 
Lahore and teaches Miniatures at Hastoneest. 

Murad Khan Mumtaz
 has a BFA in Miniature Painting, National College of Arts and is a Phd candidate at Virginia University, USA.

Reading material will be provided. Course fee is Rs. 5000/participant. 
Certificates issued on request. Further queries on 0300 847 1855/

To Register
Send in 'Course Title, Name, Cell No. & Email' 
on or 0300 847 1855.

Institute of Traditional Studies & Arts, 31-G, Gulberg II, Lahore.

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