Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tuesday, 7th January - Meeting with Hazrat Syed Ahmed Shah Chishti Mawdudi

Institute of Traditional Studies & Arts
invites you to a meeting with

Al Haj Syed Ahmad Shah Chishti Mawdudi Sahib
Sajjada Nashin, 
Darbar Hazrat Khwaja Mawdud Chishti
Chisht, Afghanistan

Syed Ahmed Chishti Mawdudi Sahib will speak on the Chishtiyya Tariqa and answer questions on Sufism

Tuesday, 7th January 2014
at 7:00 pm

The Chishti order of the Sufis derives its name from Chisht. Chisht is a small town near Herat in Afghanistan. Hazrat Abu Ishaq Shami is the initiator of the Chishtia Order. His Shaykh directed him to settle in Chisht and from that day on he is known as Abu Ishaq Shami Chishti. He died in 940 C.E. in Damascus and lies buried on mount Qasiyun. The next in the silsila of the Chishtiyya is Khwaja Mawdud Chishti. His work includes two books Minhaaj ul Arifeen and Khulaasat ul Shariah. He died around Rajab 527 Hijri and is buried in Chisht.

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