Saturday, September 1, 2012

Course: Ibn 'Arabi’s Fusûs al-Hikam (20 sessions)

10 Chapters from
Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi’s masterpiece:
Fusûs al-Hikam 
 (The Ringstones of Wisdom)

(5 Units: A total of 20 Sittings)

UNIT 1 : Thursday 13th September 2012
UNIT 2: Thursday 27th September 2012
UNIT 3: Wednesday 10th October 2012

Units-I, II, III, IV & V  
Each Unit is of 4 days’ duration held fortnightly on Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi

Mystic, philosopher, poet, sage, Muhammad b. 'Ali Ibn 'Arabi is one of the world's great spiritual teachers. Known as Muhyiddin (the Revivifier of Religion) and the Shaykh al-Akbar (the Greatest Master), he was born in 1165 AD into the Moorish culture of Andalusian Spain. Ibn 'Arabi's spiritual attainments were evident from an early age, and he was renowned for his great visionary capacity as well as being a superlative teacher. He travelled extensively in the Islamic world and died in Damascus in 1240 AD.

He wrote over 350 works including the Fusûs al-Hikam, an exposition of the inner meaning of the wisdom of the prophets in the Judaic/ Christian/ Islamic line. [His] extensive writings provide a beautiful exposition of the Unity of Being, the single and indivisible reality which simultaneously transcends and is manifested in all the images of the world. Ibn 'Arabi shows how Man, in perfection, is the complete image of this reality and how those who truly know their essential self, know God.

‘If the believer understood the meaning of the saying 'the colour of the water is the colour of the receptacle', he would admit the validity of all beliefs and he would recognise God in every form and every object of faith.’
Ibn 'Arabi, Fusûs al-Hikam

Source: Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi Society website:

Fusûs al-Hikam: 

Considered to be the quintessence of Ibn 'Arabi's spiritual teaching, it comprises twenty-seven chapters, each dedicated to the spiritual meaning and wisdom of a particular prophet. Over the centuries Ibn 'Arabi's students held this book in the highest esteem and wrote over one hundred commentaries on it.

6:30 to 7:30pm 


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Hamid Raza Fazil
(Specialist in Traditional
 Philosophy/Falsafa & Metaphysics/Irfan)

Hast-o-Neest Institute of Traditional Studies & Art
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