Monday, March 5, 2012

Inauguration of Institute of Traditional Studies

Centre for Traditional Art & Culture

invites you 
to the Urs Ceremony of

Hazrat Baba Sufi Muhammad Tufayl (rehmatullah alaeh) 

and the inauguration of the
Institute of Traditional Studies
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on Sunday 25th March 2012
at Purana Kahna, Ferozepur Road, Lahore
12:00 noon

Hazrat Baba Sufi Muhammad Tufayl (d.2000) was deeply steeped in the Primordial tradition of 'faqr'. He was well versed in metaphysical and religious traditions of the world. He was unlettered. He narrated Sufi poetry, anecdotes and tales of the friends of God with mystic meaning. As his disciple, Dr.Shahzad Qaiser, will lead the dars or doctrinal sitting in the light of the discourses of Baba Sufi Muhammad Tufayl (r.a.) in which he constantly manifested the 'Oneness of Being' for more than fifty years. His talk was not structured nor formalised. He did not sermonise. He endeavoured to evoke the love of God and His Prophet (s.a.w) in everyone.

12:00 pm Guests Arrival 
12:30 pm Introduction to Hazrat Baba Sufi MuhammadTufayl (r.a.) & Hast-o-Neest Institute of Traditional Studies 
1:00 pm Dars (Doctrinal Sitting) Dr. Shahzad Qaiser
2:00 pm Arifana Kalaam and Dua
2:30 pm Langar

(Directions: Drive straight down from Kalma Chowk on Ferozepur Road to Kasur and after crossing Hudiara Drain look for the blue sign board on the right saying 'purana kahna' in Urdu, make a U-turn immediately after, and look for the green signboard saying "Madressa tul Madina" (Sparco Paint Factory Road) on the left (Institute banner should be visible at this point) - 2 km into that lane is the Institute at Allah Hu Chowk)

Direction Map:

Further Queries: 03008493170

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