Institute of Traditional Studies & Arts 

Informal Study Circles, Sittings & Formal Courses

Hast-o-Neest Institute of Traditional Studies and Arts' broad aim is engagement with tradition in today's context. The learning environment that facilitates this process is access to a library and to Masters of Tradition who are practitioners of their field of study.
The teaching methodology is structured on theory and practice, on a formal and informal learning process. The informal process includes study circles, sittings and lectures in an atmosphere that facilitates open discussion and dialogue.  The formal process includes study circles, modular courses and workshops in Art (Calligraphy, Illumination, Miniatures, Classical Music), Architecture the Intellectual Philosophical Tradition (Quran, Burhan and Irfan), and Languages (Farsi and Arabic). 
The course content is modular. Each subject course content is divided into three month modules of basic and diploma level. Each module can be taken separately.
The main requirement for registration in formal courses is interest in the subject/topic.  Additional requirements may be specific to some subject courses.


Study and research programmes focus on the philosophy, basic principles and language of classical Islamic architecture and its contemporary application.
(Director: Taimoor Khan Mumtaz (NCA)

 &  Syed Muhammad Mehdi (NCA))


Three month modules of basic and advanced courses in the philosophy, principles and practice of classical calligraphy, and the related arts of the book such as manuscript and Quranic illumination - tezhib. Other arts including classical music, ceramics and textile may be included in future.

Also a special course on Maqamat - Arabic Musical Scales of Quranic Recitation

(Director:  Irfan Ahmed Qureshi (NCA), Fyza Fayyaz (NCA), Taimoor Khan Mumtaz (NCA)


Study and research programmes on traditional Islamic philosophy, modern philosophy,  Islamic spirituality, Shariah, Madha’hib and Tasawwuf (Sufism) - its doctrines, methods and orders.
(Director: Hamid Reza Fazil, Taimoor Khan Mumtaz

Basic and advanced courses in Arabic and Persian languages.

(Directors: Hamid Raza Fazil, Qari Khalid Uthman Alvi (Al Azhar University, Egypt) & Fatima Fayyaz (Oriental College, PU & Khana-e-Farhang)

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